Friday, February 20, 2015

We’ve created a scale.

Lucy - 2/5
It’s movie nostalgia for ten years ago. Belongs on a double bill with ‘Swordfish.’ It’s talked-about dumbness isn’t the problem; the problem is that it’s not gleefully dumb. From smartness onwards, it gets all serious and shit. I would've preferred Chev Chelios tried some mind-expanding drugs. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

More spank and less Spock.

Punishment Park - 4/5
40-odd years old, and it could’ve been made yesterday. It’s a suburban cul de sac as war tribunal, and the people who hold church on Sunday aren’t the ones I want holding a scythe over my head. It’s wonderfully performed. The people in it aren’t great actors, per se, but they feel as real as anything you’d find in a genuine documentary. It wins the ‘Battle of Algiers’ award for being relevant for all eternity. 

My spoon is too big.

It’s Such A Beautiful Day - 4/5
Hertzfeldt’s great at tricking you into watching something meaningful.