Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grading goodbye emails from work, vol. 1.

From: C. L.
To: [random stuff email list]

Thanks for all the awesome memories and opportunities – I’m going to miss you all and this lovely agency.




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Critical analysis:
At its core, a casual goodbye, unmarked by gross sentimentality. His decision to send the email to the 'everything goes' listserv (that not everyone has opted into) is telling – was there no one in particular that warranted inclusion? 'Whoever gets it, gets it,' he seemed to say. Were there no cherished stories? Had the waves crashed too hard upon his shores? Pleasantries thrown off off-handedly. There is a discomfort in his continuing to be here; a ready-to-say-goodbye-ness about the affair.

'Emerging from a meeting that has gone on for way too long.' In our jokes, just a little bit of truth.

And what the fuck is 'K.I.T.'? A Google search reveals it to mean 'keep in touch.' Had he really meant that, I'd wager he wouldn't have thrown it off so half-heartedly and would bothered to have used fucking links. It speaks to a piece of his character that I did not know was there. In saying goodbye, I only find you to be different from who I thought.

The touches of detachment have left me cold, I'm afraid. I am not sure who I am saying goodbye to.


Pots and pans and ceiling fans

may rest easy on your head,
but it's skips and sails and long tall tales
that get you out of bed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memories of you I will always keep.

God saw you were tired, and put you to sleep.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doot doot doodle doot.

Mon Oncle - 3/10. Man, fuck this slow-ass shit. It's a thirty-minute Charlie Chaplin movie stretched over two hours. Every gag takes forever to unfold. It's an attempt at a silent movie with sound, and to that I'll give it its points – all of the talking is just for effect. It's just a prop, a sound effect, and that was interesting. The rest wun't.

What kind of bird are you?

Moonrise Kingdom - 6.5/10. Maaaaan. I'm no Wes Anderson fan, but his last two movies showed a level of storytelling-beyond-style that I ain't seen in his others. I was hoping for some degree of maturing his style but naw, bitch just doubled down on what comes easy. It's all aesthetic. It's all designed to look good, to sound good, but ain't no thought been put into meaning. Everyone's cast because of their appearance. It comes close to having something, in small moments, but his aesthetic overload, his constant filmmaking means a bunch of characters who get in the way of the few interesting ones. Every detail is seemed to be important, everybody's got to have a cutesy fucking name. Ain't everybody got to have a story, dog. Just the people in the front. 

Turning your pain

into the latest dance craze.

I thought you were somebody.

But you were somebody else.

Bringing jazz back to the working man.

Jackass 3D - 7.5/10. They look old. As in, I feel bad watching what feels like old people trying to make money by causing themselves pain. And then you get over it and it's funny as shit. 

The friction between their souls and the outside world.

Stalker - 7/10. It takes too long to get to a good conversation. 

Shut up, little man.

Shut Up Little Man! - 7/10. Manages to pull a full movie out of a small experience. Sometimes its stretched thin, sometimes the new and interesting angles aren't sat on. Or: sometimes it talks about things too much and sometimes it doesn't talk about things enough. It asks interesting questions and then doesn't answer them. That's okay. But I'll give it a great compliment: it makes you curious, and then it satisfies that curiosity. It feels complete. 

Mutual interests other than spitting.

Submarine - 8/10. Wes Anderson by way of Jared Hess. Not as bad as that sounds. Lower-class style. Stylistic, sure, but it doesn't get in the way. It doesn't become the predominant feature of the movie. Performed well, a soul in the center, well-decorated as it may be. It's a nice house, lived in. 



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beasts of the city,

beasts of the sea.