Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What kind of bird are you?

Moonrise Kingdom - 6.5/10. Maaaaan. I'm no Wes Anderson fan, but his last two movies showed a level of storytelling-beyond-style that I ain't seen in his others. I was hoping for some degree of maturing his style but naw, bitch just doubled down on what comes easy. It's all aesthetic. It's all designed to look good, to sound good, but ain't no thought been put into meaning. Everyone's cast because of their appearance. It comes close to having something, in small moments, but his aesthetic overload, his constant filmmaking means a bunch of characters who get in the way of the few interesting ones. Every detail is seemed to be important, everybody's got to have a cutesy fucking name. Ain't everybody got to have a story, dog. Just the people in the front. 


John Saflo said...

"What seems beautiful to me, what I should like to write, is a book about nothing, a book dependent on nothing external, which would be held together by the internal strength of its style, just as the earth, suspended in the void, depends on nothing external for its support; a book which would have almost no subject, or at least in which the subject would be almost invisible, if such a thing is possible. The finest works are those that contain the least matter; the closer expression comes to thought, the closer language comes to coinciding and merging with it, the finer the result. I believe the future of Art lies in this direction."

~ Gucci Mane

not eb said...

Ain't that some nonsense.

John Saflo said...

We must free ourselves, comrade, from the tyranny of meaning.