Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grading goodbye emails from work, vol. 1.

From: C. L.
To: [random stuff email list]

Thanks for all the awesome memories and opportunities – I’m going to miss you all and this lovely agency.




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Critical analysis:
At its core, a casual goodbye, unmarked by gross sentimentality. His decision to send the email to the 'everything goes' listserv (that not everyone has opted into) is telling – was there no one in particular that warranted inclusion? 'Whoever gets it, gets it,' he seemed to say. Were there no cherished stories? Had the waves crashed too hard upon his shores? Pleasantries thrown off off-handedly. There is a discomfort in his continuing to be here; a ready-to-say-goodbye-ness about the affair.

'Emerging from a meeting that has gone on for way too long.' In our jokes, just a little bit of truth.

And what the fuck is 'K.I.T.'? A Google search reveals it to mean 'keep in touch.' Had he really meant that, I'd wager he wouldn't have thrown it off so half-heartedly and would bothered to have used fucking links. It speaks to a piece of his character that I did not know was there. In saying goodbye, I only find you to be different from who I thought.

The touches of detachment have left me cold, I'm afraid. I am not sure who I am saying goodbye to.


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