Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I keep listening to it, I won't finish the revolution.

The Lives Of Others - 8/10.
'The Death of Captain Marvel' was a Marvel Comics OGN about the tragic end to one of Marvel's premiere cosmic heroes, not at the hands of Thanos or Galactus or The Beyonder or whoever, but by something as benign and uninteresting as cancer. As he reflects on his life and his great trials and tribulations, I could hardly give a shit until his friends came to say goodbye to him on his deathbed. In the span of two panels, Spider-Man, who had been absent the entire comic, walks into the room before suddenly running out, crying. And while I did not grow up with Captain Marvel and didn't care if he was coming or going, Spider-Man cared, and because Spider-Man cared, I cared. … I don't know why the Policeman cared about the Writer or the Actress, I don't know what they said over the course of his listening that made them compelling enough for him to break, but he breaks, and he cares, and because he cares, I care. Their are some emotional connections that are missing in the course of getting to the movie's conclusion, but fuck it, it gets there. Slow and patient like 'Hunger,' but, oddly, with a less sympathetic hero who I'm made to care more about. … "Can anyone who has heard this music, I mean truly heard it, really be a bad person?"

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