Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bring me people to kill.

Zero Dark Thirty - 7/10.
My favorite part of the movie – the twenty-minute raid on the compound – is, I think, a misstep. I feel like the movie's all about uncertainty; choosing to follow a path that may lead you nowhere, but you've just got to believe it because you've spent so much time believing it. So I feel like the drama should've come from not seeing what they were doing (which is a situation we already know the outcome of) as opposed to following Maya, who the camera rarely left through the previous two hours of the movie. And her weighing her confidence with the reality that she's sending good men in to potentially die for something that is impossible to be 100% confident about. Without that, without her really sitting there for twenty minutes not knowing what she's done, that last little emotional resonance in the final scene works to make a point that I don't really think we've been led to. It's also the same bumper as the last scene of the third season of '24' and yo, I loved it when Jack Bauer just sat in his car and cried, that shit was the bomb. 

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