Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothing makes us feel so alive as to see others die.

Holy Motors - 8/10.
I ain't know what you is, but I like what you are. If I'd hazard a guess, and I will and am doing so now, it's about art and haha, I'm going to talk about The Dark Knight: all those articles I read about how Heath Ledger got the Joker 'stuck in his head.' And I put a great weight on art and movies in particular and have a great affinity for those times when an actor becomes a something gigantic in regards to the telling of a story, and I feel this movie is about how hard and how weighty it is to really become something. To get inside someone's head – that's got to stay with you, that's got to effect you in some way, in that sort of way. And it was just a hell of a lot of fun. 

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