Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What fresh fuckery is this?

Sisters - 2.5/5
Strong middle! Its beginning lays out backstory in straightforward statements. Like it's rushing to get started. I'd rather it just... rushed to get started. I'm confident you could lop off the first 20 minutes and you'd be fine. The characters explain themselves in the doing versus the telling. And the middle lets them be interesting and fun and I think the movie's success is that it goes beyond Sisters and becomes more about Old Fuckers Getting A Chance To Party Like High Schoolers. And that's fun! And then the Sisters stuff comes back and there's an emotional end? and it's pat and resolute and undeserved. Because the movie doesn't care! It just wants to have fun, but it has to pretend to be a movie. In the way movies have beginnings and endings. Fuck it. Would watch again in the background.

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