Thursday, August 4, 2016

Manny, I think your penis is guiding us home.

Swiss Army Man - 4.5/5
This movie fits my worldview. So I can't help but to love it. I think it is making a great, sincere statement about finding someone to fart in front of, and it disguises its sincerity – or makes it bearable – within the ridiculousness of that selfsame idea. I think the directors, judging from this and their short 'Interesting Ball,' do a great job of asking a very simple 'yeah, but... why?' to long accepted states of being, both I think pointing towards fear of other people's opinions keeping you from finding inner peace, and pushing you deeper inside your own self and away from others. It's telling (and subtle!) that the little girl is the first one to really judge them. Shit starts young, when you're told totally natural things are gross and icky. Self-confidence goes down with the crapper. Jesus, I apparently have a lot to say about farting. Fuck it. They've made a very stupid thing that means a lot to me.

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