Monday, September 26, 2016

Something that doesn't make any sense

but does.

- and since 'removal from context' (as an unwritten and (eventually) unproven idealogue for this shithole) has removed me from any sense of what I've written and what someone else's written,

- Jesse, from the letters page of Vision #11, followed up by author Tom King with

"Because if it makes sense, if there's a one-to-one correlation between story and a priori or posteriori logic, then story serves no purpose. Logic is better, clearer. Ask any robot. But the problem is we're not robots, so logic doesn't quite fulfill us for some reason. Then this becomes the purpose of story. To get beyond logic, to not make sense. But when you do this, if what you write that doesn't make sense then doesn't make sense in some larger sense, then it's just gibberish or an exercise in self-love. So you have to write stuff that doesn't make sense, yet does. Does that make sense? Probably not. If so, great. But if still so, not so great."

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