Monday, November 7, 2016

'Post-war' lasts a long time.

Shin Godzilla - 3.5/5 
A tense political thriller, with some Godzilla. As my first non-Broderick'd, non-Taylor-Johnson'd Godzilla, this one that people claim is close to the originals in its attempt is closest to legitimately placing Godzilla as some impenetrable act of god. Doesn't matter so much how it got made, by human hands or no; it's here, and we've got to stop it. I think it does what a lot of American big-time movies fail to do, which is to infuse the proceedings with a genuine sense of hope (and an environment of desperation that hope needs in order to be effective?). I love that the ending isn't a celebration so much as a whole country going 'I need to take a nap.' And it's funny, being an American, seeing America portrayed as more of a 'bad guy' than Godzilla... not in that traditional American version of a Russian bad guy who's bad 'cuz bad, but through our power and reputation forcing people to make decisions they don't want to have to make. "Either you make the decision or we'll make it for you." We are not hope; we are what comes instead.

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