Friday, May 2, 2008

Brian's Brief.

Why are we advertising?

To get Brian the job at the right place.

Positioning Statement

Brian is effortless.

Who are we talking to?

The ladies.

How do they feel about Brian?
Brian is dreamy. Brian is unfazed. He doesn't get stressed out. He is mean, but funny. "Calls you out without hurting your feelings." Dresses like an "Irish immigrant moving to America." Brian coasts. He is a talented artist. Delightful. Has a cackle - a "genuine laugh." He is the cool kid in the back. He is "searching for something more." Brian is a father. He will probably be a cool dad. "Brian gives even less of a shit about what other people think than you do." He didn't deserve to win best dressed. That honor belonged to Eric Larkin and he knows it.

What should we say to them?

Brian makes you cool by association.

If Brian was a wrestler, what wrestler would he be?
The Rock. Never the most technical wrestler, but gets by on his charm.

Media Requirements
1 Website, due this week.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Holy crap! that was funny.

Eric definitely deserved "best dressed." I tell him that everyday. And he tell me that as well.

ps. I'll work on the "mean" part. I don't think I'm sincerely mean-maybe jokey mean-or to the point mean... hmmm. or maybe just mean.