Friday, May 2, 2008

Samara's Brief.

Why are we advertising?

To get Samara the job at the right place.

Positioning Statement

Samara's got some damn sense.

Who are we talking to?

People acting a fool.

How do they feel about Samara?
Samara is fun, funny, laid back. Samara puts up a wall. Bossy. Not athletic, but not girly. Samara "does things on her own time." She is constructive without being nasty. Samara is direct. Samara's got a mouth. Samara has opinions. Samara is not afraid to state her opinions. She can be intimidating. Samara is a "difficult piece of fruit." Samara ain't trying to impress nobody. Samara claims to keep it real. She may act hard but she is fronting. If you can get in, you're good. Samara is just fucking with you, man. Samara is black.

What should we say to them?

Samara ain't got any damn time for this. Give her a damn job.

If Samara was a wrestler, what wrestler would she be?

Christian Cage. Not the biggest wrestler, nor the baddest, but uses his mouth to start some shit.

Media Requirements

I don't know, don't you have a thesis due or some shit?


Mr. Saflo said...

Oh, Samara? Let me tell you about Samara.

Elizabeth said...

Bah, where is mine? I asked you, in the car. I am waiting.


not eb said...

Tell a brother about Samara.

not eb said...

Liz, there are still people ahead of you in line. I am going to have to ask that you not get uppity on a brother.

joshy drops hammers! said...

I think I'm in love

with eb