Monday, March 7, 2016

Each person you speak to has had a day.

Anomalisa - 3.5/5
A fairly normal story told weirdly. Not to say that the way it was made was unnecessary to what it is, because it’s very important. It’s just not as odd of a story as you might be expecting. Beautifully rendered, with some scenes approaching life-like in that off-putting yet admirable way. This is a rare case where the trailer perhaps makes for a vehicle to better understand the movie: you have to constantly remind yourself why other people are special. You forget it, it gets lost. You yourself, as also the main character, want to be seen as special, but so rarely do you look at others in that way. You have to look at others the way they don’t look at you. You have to force yourself to see what’s interesting. You have to be vigilant.

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