Tuesday, March 8, 2016

That’s not how the Force works.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 3/5 
It feels like nostalgia for something that never went away. Like when people at work say ‘I saw you last night!’ and yes, of course, but you also see me every day, what’s the big f-in’ deal, Rhonda. It’s excitement for the familiar, which is fine; it’s its insistence on easy references that is less so. In-jokes that the whole world’s already in on. JJ’s desire to internet-ify everything gets in the way of identifying what people actually like about the movies – the tone, the mood, the characterizations, the universe. All this movie needed to be was decent (and it is) and for all its flaws and inconsistencies, it gets a few of those right. I mean, I’m not too tied up on Finn and Rey and wherever-the-fuck they’re going, but I’ll absolutely come back to see what Kylo Ren is up to next. That dude’s a baller; petulant and angry like a 16-year old boy. That swagger down the hallway. Shit. In him, I feel like the movie missed a chance to have a meta-message about living up to expectations. As is, I think we’re all just excited because it doesn’t suck.

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