Thursday, March 3, 2016

I let you know me.

The Long Goodbye - 4/5 
Man, Elliott Gould is so fucking good. The impossible cool of Spike Spiegel by way of a homeless man who found a nice suit in a trash can. Nothing to lose except his cat. And that’s gone, brother. And that’s the thing, the thing I’m maybe just now realizing – he moves through Los Angeles like a man without a care, but he’s got some. I don’t know if I buy the ‘Rip Van Marlowe’ filter (where he’s been asleep for 20 years, waking up in an era his morality doesn’t quite match) because Elliot Gould is so fucking '70s, but he definitely has the sense of right, reasonable wrong, and of wrongs gone too far. He’s lost his ego, but not his center; lost himself, but not what he stands for. He’ll let himself be made a fool, but not by the people that matter to him. Friendship is friendship, man. You don’t fuck with that.

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