Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alex's Brief.

Why are we advertising?
To get Alex the job at the right place.

Positioning Statement
Alex is a handful.

Who are we talking to?
Potential babysitters.

How do they feel about Alex?
Alex falls down. Alex is always moving. He is jolly. Laughter is his response to everything. Alex is distracted. Alex is distracting. Alex is bouncy. Alex has uncontainable energy. Contagious energy. If you're around Alex, you will laugh. You may not realize why you are laughing or remember why you laughed, but you will laugh. Alex is the "kid on the end of a leash." Alex "needs time to run around." Alex doesn't see the big picture/doesn't have focus. Alex is quick. Alex is "comfortable to be around, to tell ideas to." "Makes your ideas stronger." Alex tells stories. You know what Alex is interested in because Alex wants you to like what he likes, and you most likely will. Certain words/things/ideas become associated with Alex because Alex will tell you about them, a lot. Alex talks at all the wrong times.

What should we say to them?
Alex will hurt himself for money.

If Alex was a wrestler, what wrestler would she be?
Mick Foley. Never technically the best wrestler, but beloved because he was willing to hurt himself in order to make me happy. My favorite wrestler.

Media Requirments
1 Website, due this week.


stackingchairs said...

Eb. you are a good writer. I miss your comments.

diana brost said...

except ska and beer.

not eb said...

It's that baby come 'tween you 'n me.

Bukes said...

tell it like it is, eb

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention how good i smell.