Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dear Girl at Fat Larry's,

Tomorrow, you may notice the smell of a sea breeze accompanying me through your door.

That would be my new shampoo.


Anonymous said...

no offence but I think its time you stop stalking this girl..lol..

not eb said...

Hello, Anonymous, and thank you for your comment but I would kindly ask that you never attempt to come between me and my girl again or I will fuck up your world.

You heard?

Anonymous said...

Also, this mystery person spelled offense wrong. Tisk, tisk.

diana brost said...

I wonder if anonymous really 'lol'ed? On second thought, why would he/she even bother to put 'lol or 'no offence' in the first place? Anonymous = be an asshole without the repercussions.

At any rate, don't listen to them, e.b.

Stalk the shit outta her.